Garage Clean Up

I have been working away in the Garage for the last few nights trying to get things some what sorted out. It seems the Garage and Crawl space in this house always collect way to much “Stuff”.

A co-worked took some cabinets from above an island in his kitchen and didn’t have a use for them. He was kind enough to give them to me for nothing and I have installed them over one of my work benches. They look much cleaner than just having shelfs and will keep the dust off most the stuff. I have been cleaning off a few of the shelves and putting stuff in them as I go. So far I have about 1 and half of the cabinets filled, so they are actually going to hold a fair amount of stuff.

I will save everyone the pain of seeing the other side of the garage till I am done with the clean up. :)

4 thoughts on “Garage Clean Up

  1. Izlain says:

    My garage has been like that as well, for too long. The other day I had to dig out the lawn mower just to cut the grass, so at the same time I at least straightened a bit. My roommate has a bad habit of picking up every damn thing he can on the side of the road that might “come in handy”.

    • admin says:

      Cut the GRASS! wow.. With the wind here today it feels like -35C

      • Izlain says:

        Well yeah, you have to do that on occasion! Lol. I haven’t ever been in below 0 temperatures… and I feel dumb saying it but I don’t remember exactly how to translate Celsius to Fahrenheit, but that sounds very cold! It’s been in the high 70s to 80s where I’m at in SoCal the past couple of weeks. We’re actually in a drought in the middle of Winter…

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